Lifestyle Imagery by James Herman

I find myself creating more and more lifestyle images for local companies and e-commerce. A lifestyle image can drive traffic and give potential clients/patrons a glimpse of the atmosphere you have created for them and yourself. For e-commerce a few lifestyle images of employees working can bring a touch of humanity to your company. 

Fine art meets commercial by James Herman

I often find myself incorporating small parts of my life as a fine art photographer into my commercial clients images. The contrast of old with new techniques adds a unique look and sets our clients e-commerce and print work apart from the rest.

Happy Valentine's Day by James Herman

Life without love is no life at all. Whether it be the love of a husband or wife, partner, brother or sister, friend or parent we all have the underlying need to be loved. Valentine's day is a day we celebrate our love, purchase flowers and giant boxes of chocolate, taking our valentine out to dinner or surprise them with small tokens of our love. 

Store bought gifts are lovely but what really makes my heart swoon is a handmade gift. A gift that the giver has taken the time to create especially for me. A small handmade gift is always the way to my heart. What makes you swoon? 

Coffee! by James Herman


Coffee, the essential elixir of a working photographer. The funny thing about the creative types, even when we aren't working on our images we are constantly thinking about how we can improve upon it. We see life through the lens constantly watching, observing, waiting for that perfect moment. When we are photographing our whole being is engulfed in the moment we are lost in the perfect moment of creation.