A Nomadic Life-Syria's Bedouin Tribes

badawai camp beqaa valley.nef-13.jpg

Tripoli, Lebanon

A ancient tribal community hailing from the desert regions of Syria. The Bedouins are some of the most affected refugees by the ongoing war, losing not only their land and livestock but their livelihood. A loyal, interconnected group of people that rely on community, honour and family to exist. The governmental camps set up for escaping refugees do not fit with their nomadic traditions that drives them to move with the rhythm of the agricultural seasons.

Many of the Bedouin communities have set up undocumented camps on the borders of Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Sustaining the community by raising livestock, working the land along the camps and coming together as a community ensuring survival despite the loss of their homeland. Unlike many of the refugees abiding time in government run camps, the Bedouins have no hope of returning home and have adapted and overcome many of the barriers they have encountered to preserve their traditions and heritage.